Security-Stop-Press : Microsoft 365 Loophole Could Allow Ransomware Attack

Proofpoint researchers have reported finding a way that attackers could use a Microsoft 365 loophole to launch ransomware attacks. The method involves using compromised SharePoint Online or OneDrive accounts to reduce the (user-configurable) setting for the number or saved versions in SharePoint Online or OneDrive. Attackers can then encrypt files in those drives...

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Tech Tip – YouTube Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some fast and easy keyboard shortcuts to save time in navigating YouTube videos:

- To pause or play a video, press the space bar.

- Press m to mute/unmute the video.

- Move 10 seconds forwards by pressing L, and 10 seconds...

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Tech News : UK Not Adopting EU’s Universal Charger

Following the recent news that the EU plans to introduce a single, universal charger for all devices, it has been reported that the UK has said that it is not currently considering copying the idea. 

Just One Universal Charger Cable 

A week ago, the EU parliament announced...

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