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Featured Article : What’s Ahead for WhatsApp?

Following the launch of the new business-focused WhatsApp Cloud API, we take a look at where Facebook’s (i.e. Meta) popular secure chat app is heading. 

Cloud API 

Last week, Facebook’s WhatsApp announced that it was opening WhatsApp to all businesses and developers with a new cloud-based API service. WhatsApp...

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Tech News : New Microsoft Update Enables ‘Reactions’ In Outlook

With the next update, as part of Microsoft’s 365 roadmap, Outlook users will soon be able to ‘react’ to Outlook emails without sending or receiving incremental emails. 

Like Emojis 

The Microsoft ‘Reactions’ feature will enable Outlook users to choose a thumbs up, laugh, heart, celebrate, or shed a...

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Tech News: New Spy-Spotting App From MI5

The UK government’s MI5-run ‘Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’ has launched a new app to help people spot approaches from foreign spies and organised criminals seeking sensitive information. 

Really? How Big Is The Problem? 

According to MI5, it spotted 10,000 UK nationals across society being...

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Tech Insight : Augmented Vision From ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses?

In this insight, we look at the development, applications, and issues relating to new ‘smart eye’ wearables such as smart glasses and contact lenses. 

Smart Contact Lenses 

Smart contact lenses, such as those in development by health and technology company Mojo, use a tiny micro-LED display the...

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