Featured Article : A Big Stink About Ink

After trying to dismiss a lawsuit from HP customers angry at a firmware update (meaning that their HP printers wouldn’t work with third-party ink cartridges), we look at how HP is answering the arguments within the antitrust ink cartridge lawsuit and what the implications could be for customers.

The Lawsuit

Tech Insight : Stop Your Data Being Used To Train AI

In this insight, we look at the process of AI training, the potential pitfalls of misused data, and what measures can be taken to protect your personal and business data from being used to train AI. 

Data – For AI Training 

AI training, at its core, involves...

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Tech News : FM Market Dominance Concerns

Following an initial report on AI Foundation Models (FMs) last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed “real concerns” about it and is investigating the dominance of a small number of big tech firms at the centre of the FM market. 

Foundation Models 

Foundation models...

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Tech News : Oxford’s Secure Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Researchers at Oxford University’s UK Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub claim to have made what could be an important breakthrough in quantum computing security. 

The Issue 

As things stand, if businesses want to use cloud-based quantum computing services, they face privacy and security issues when trying to...

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