IT Consultancy

IT consultancy

Our IT Consultants are experts in their field, with substantial knowledge and experience of delivering IT services. Whether you are looking for expert advice or a second opinion, our team can provide a complete strategic service including guidance and advice on your IT roadmap, budgets and technological developments in the industry.

Extra IT skills on tap

Need some help with an upgrade or relocation? Or do you simply lack enough IT staff to get a complex assessment completed? Cube Technology has the specialist IT consultancy skills and experience to help you, whether you use a fully managed service from us or not, regardless of whether you have any IT resources in-house. You might be relocating, upgrading systems, boosting security, completing an audit or planning for business continuity. Our team is ready now to beef up your skills in a measurable, highly structured way.

Rely on Cube Technology

Cube Technology can offer advice and consultancy at board level throughout the project, so you'll be able to plan and justify your costs fully, even if you have no in-house IT department at all. You’ll benefit from detailed project plans and budgets, and get the figures you need to decide how to manage IT projects so they stay on time and within budget.

Boost your team

Of course, timing is a key issue when it comes to IT project delivery. If you need to get a project completed very quickly, for instance over a weekend to avoid downtime, we can put enough skilled engineers on the job to ensure your business doesn't suffer. That's why even some highly technical companies use Cube Technology to reinforce their teams at times like these. Your own in-house team can be perfectly complemented by support from us, leaving your people free to get on with running your core business.

Cube listens to and works with its customers to understand the factors of key importance to your business. This enables us to specify and recommend solutions that stay within your budget and achieve your objectives.

We can provide you with all the IT related advice you need. If your business places height importance on professionalism, courtesy, value for money and frankness, Cube make good business partners.

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