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Tech News : New Feature To Declutter Your Gmail Inbox

Included in a recent major update to Google’s Gmail on Android (for now), a new feature can help users to declutter and remove annoying spam from their inbox. 

Select All Option 

The new feature (currently being rolled out) enables users to use a “Select all” tick box that appears...

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An Apple Byte : Apple Tests Contingent Pricing To Retain Developers

To keep its App Store appealing to developers after they gain the right to distribute apps through their own channels when the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) comes into force, Apple is introducing a pilot test of “contingent pricing.” 

This means that developers can bundle subscriptions for two apps at...

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Security Stop Press : Follow-On Extortion of Ransomware Victims

Security researchers, Arctic Wolf Labs, have reported that victims of Royal and Akira ransomware are being targeted in follow-on extortion attacks.

In these follow-on attacks (starting in October 2023), two of which were documented by Arctic Wolf Labs, the threat actors falsely claimed they were trying to help victim organisations....

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