Featured Article: What Is The Online Safety Bill?

Following recent announcements of a toughening-up of the (draft) Online Safety Bill, we look at what the bill is, and what its implications are.

What Is The Online Safety Bill For?

The UK government’s Online Safety Bill is (draft) legislation that’s designed to place a ‘duty of care’...

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Tech Insight : How Microsoft Will Block Macros To Stop Malware

Microsoft recently announced that it will be blocking Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros by default as a way to stop the spread of malware. Since these macros are important automation tools for Microsoft Office apps, how is this going to work?

What Are Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros?

Tech News : £23 Million For AI And Data Science Scholarships

The UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has announced funding of up to £23 million for AI and data conversion courses in England.

Help Underrepresented Groups To Join World-Leading Industry

The government says that the funding will create (postgraduate) conversion courses that could help...

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Security Stop-Press : Ransomware Warning

UK, US, and Australian cyber experts are warning of a "growing wave of increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks". Lindy Cameron, the chief executive of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), has warned that ransomware is "a rising global threat with potentially devastating consequences". Businesses can get advice about how to prevent and protect against...

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